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counselling services

If you think you would benefit from a bit of extra support around your mental health, we can help connect you to the right services and to learn strategies for managing daily life.  


We have a small team of Counsellors, and we offer brief intervention (6-8 sessions).  Our Counsellors can support you to talk about what is going on, learn new strategies for looking after yourself, and improve your wellbeing.


We can also work with you to make referrals to secondary mental health services, if you need further support. 

If this sounds like you, you can get in touch via email, phone or pop in for a chat. 


You can schedule an appointment with a Nurse at Vibe. We can arrange a longer than usual appointment. 

If necessary, the nurse or doctor can arrange counselling sessions and follow-up appointments.


We also offer a regular group based programmes

Putting Anxiety in its place & Exam Stress.

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