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Programmes & Workshops

Vibe offers a range of group based programmes. Our group programmes are delivered at our Vibe sites, in school/education settings, and in the community.


All our programmes are delivered in a fun, interactive and youth friendly manner.    

Vibe group programmes are a great way to learn new skills at the same time as having fun and meeting new people, or learning alongside your peers or classmates.   


Some of our programmes are run on a regular basis each year, whilst others are run in response to requests from young people, schools and community groups. 


Some of our programmes include: 


  • Peer Support Programme

  • The WORKshop 

  • Putting Anxiety in its Place

  • Manawaroa – Resilience based programme

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our programmes.  We also advertise upcoming programmes on our Vibe facebook and Instagram. 

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Vibe also has other community organisations running their programmes from our sites, check out their links below