& employment support

Do you need some support with education or training or finding employment? 

We have a team of people keen to help you with finding a course, supporting you through enrolment and while on your course. We also offer CV workshops, and help around applying for work.

This might include:

  • working with a Vibe staff member to set some goals about your education or employment, and get support with making this plan happen

  • finding out where you can gain extra skills, training or work experience

  • attending the WORKshop programme to develop your CV and learn some job search and interview skills



YOUTH SERVICE NEET  - 16-17 years only 

You may be eligible to work with one of our NEET youth coaches (Not Engaged in Education or Training)

  • are you 16 or 17 years old?

  • got dreams of what you want to be doing when you turn 18 but don’t know how you’re going to get there?

  • haven’t quite got NCEA level 1 and / or 2?

  • would you like some help to stay in school, or get into a course or start preparing for work?


If so, our youth coaches can help put together a plan for you to achieve NCEA level 1 & 2 either at school or in a course,  managing your time with study and/or start preparing for work. 

Working with a youth coach means one on one support and regular catch ups to ensure that you’re staying on track to achieve your goals.

Find out more here.