Vibe’s Peer Support service was a core element of Vibe’s service approach from the beginning. 

In 2020, we relaunched our

Peer Support Internship Programme: 

Who is this internship for?

  • Anyone aged 18 – 24 who is looking for an opportunity to gain skills and work experience;

  • If you are interested in a career in youth development, health, or social services;

  • If you are keen in gaining skills and work experience in a youth health and development service.


What is involved?

The internship is a work-based learning experience programme, combined with a formal training package, on the job support, regular formal supervision, and the support of a friendly and experienced staff team.     


History of our Internship which began in 1996: 

 Vibe had young people working as ‘peer supporters’, and their role was to be a first point of connection and engagement with other young people using Vibe services.  This Peer Support model included a training component to ensure that the Peer Supporters, were equipped with the skills and knowledge for their work.   


Feedback from young people using Vibe services identified the presence of and connection with Peer Support workers as being key in creating a safe space to access services they are unlikely to seek elsewhere.