Health Service

General Health

Sore throat, eczema, asthma, skin infection, sporting injury or other? The friendly nurses and doctors at Vibe are happy to discuss any questions you may have with your general wellbeing. In fact you can access Vibe for the same general health needs you see your family doctor for.
Health clinics operate Monday to Thursday from our community sites at Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, including a late clinic Thursday only in Lower Hutt. The health team work alongside other Vibe services, families, whanau and friends and if we can’t treat you here we will organise a referral, and keep you informed about what is going on.

“Cool Doctors”- Conversation Cafe Feedback

Sexual Health

Vibe doctors and nurses can provide sexual health care to complement general practice. The nurses and doctors at Vibe can help you access information about safe sex, as well as help you decide about the right contraception for you. We can undertake STI screening and treatment. Vibe offers pregnancy testing, support to access a midwife, counselling support and referral should this be required.

” The nurses are cool to talk to especially when you are scared you are pregnant”- Conversation Cafe

 Mental Health

If you’re not feeling 100% and maybe haven’t in a while, you can schedule an appointment with a nurse at Vibe. We can arrange a longer than usual appointment. If you have mental health concerns, you can discuss whatever it is that is getting in the way of you feeling your best. If necessary, the nurse or doctor can arrange counselling sessions and follow-up appointments.

” They really try to help”- Conversation Cafe Feedback

Free confidential health & support services for people 10 to 24

Lower Hutt: 04 566 0525

4 Daly Street Lower Hutt

Upper Hutt: 04 528 6261

Unit 7, Building 10, 68-70 Ward Street Upper Hutt

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