In the early 1990’s a group of people with an interest in youth health held discussions with the community to understand why young people in the Hutt Valley were not accessing health services.
This group had a vision, and in 1996 they formed the Hutt Valley Youth Health Trust gaining funding from the Hutt Valley District Health Board to provide free, confidential health and support services for Hutt Valley young people aged 10–24.
Services were delivered from Dudley Cottage which legend tells us looked like the Wizard of Oz house with grass growing through cracks in the floorboards. The concept was to deliver services using a ‘one-stop-shop’ model where young people could come into the service and talk to other young people, Peer Support Workers, about what was going on for them, and gain access to doctors and nurses if they needed to. Doctors and nurses were able to see young people free of charge for a range of issues including general health, sexual health and mental health. The service also became well known for delivering youth development programmes including Peer Support training which VIBE still offers today.
In 2005, after consultation with young people, the Hutt Valley Youth Health Service rebranded as VIBE and with new funding from Ministry of Social Development (MSD) was able to provide additional services known as Youth Transition Service (YTS). YTS was staffed by youth workers who provided one on one and group support to help young people reach their employment and education goals.
VIBE moved during this time to Rutherford Street, then 12 Daly Street, and to 4 Daly Street in 2007 with services also delivered in Upper Hutt and from local secondary schools, teen parent unit and the Epuni CYF residence.
In 2012 MSD changed service delivery to a new model called Youth Service. Young people engaging with Youth Service receive one on one support from either a social worker or a youth worker. The Youth Service team work closely with young people including young parents, either in school or out of school and in training environments, supporting them to achieve NCEA and set goals for where they want to be when they turn 18.
Over the last eighteen years VIBE has continued to grow and deliver on our mission

“to enable Hutt Valley young people to access services to promote their wellbeing”.

The original vision lives on from humble beginnings and 12 staff in 1996 to 38 staff in 2014.

Free confidential health & support services for people 10 to 24

Lower Hutt: 04 566 0525

4 Daly Street Lower Hutt

Upper Hutt: 04 528 6261

Unit 7, Building 10, 68-70 Ward Street Upper Hutt

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